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August 24, 2011

10 Minute Per Day Social Media Plan

Do you often say that you just don’t have time for social media during the day? Well in my opinion that is just malarkey. Sure in  a perfect world you would have someone executing social media efforts throughout the entire day …

August 23, 2011

What I like About Google’s New Site Links

Have you completed a company branded search in the last week or so? If you have you might have noticed something new & cool going on in the search results, expanded site links. Google made the announcement earlier this month …

August 22, 2011

Bing Gives Link Building Advice

There is no doubt about it — building links is important. What is more important is building the right links. A link on a site selling baby supplies when you are a tire manufacturer is not going to help even …

August 19, 2011

Must Watch Videos From SES San Francisco

If you are unfamiliar with Search Engine Strategies (SES) it just ended yesterday — the good news is that there are lots of great videos bouncing around so you can get caught up on some of the important juicy stuff you might have …

August 18, 2011

Underscores and Dashes — How Do They Affect SEO?

Many website owners might not realize this but utilizing underscores or dashes in your URL structures can make a significant difference when it comes to how search engines read your and display your site. Now with that said don’t panic …

August 17, 2011

Google Related Changes The Way You Search

Google is always trying to improve the way their users interact with their search query tool and their recent advancement, Google Related does just that. It is reasons like this why it is always important to continue marketing and branding …

August 16, 2011

Google + Best Practices [SES Conference Video]

There has been a ridiculous amount of online chatter over the last few months surrounding the Google + project and just how it will impact the social community online. Google has been feverishly attempting to push forward into the social …

August 15, 2011

10 Reasons Why Web Strategies Fail

Online marketing strategies don’t mean to fail they just do. Sometimes because of elements that are completely out of your control and other times simply from a lack of robustness backing the campaign. The possibilities of why web strategies fail …

August 12, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Video from 2005 — Facebook Begins

When watching this video below would you ever think that Mark Zuckerberg who conducted interviews with a keg of Heineken just a few feet away from him to now moving into the old Sun Microsystems compound? This is a video …

August 11, 2011

Amazing Google Algorithm Update Timeline

Google has made an immense amount of algorithm changes over the years. Some are large and receive a serious amount of community attention and others are very insignificant  and virtually go unnoticed. Since the year 2000 there have been numerous …

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