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September 16, 2011

Ditch the Ranking Report and Get Down With Analytics

We all understand that businesses want and crave great search engine rankings but seriously at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what is the most important aspect of building your brand online, is it the search …

September 14, 2011

Safely Change Your Domain Name Host [video]

Changing your hosting company services where your current domain lives might sound like an easy thing to do but there is a process in order to make sure rankings do not disappear overnight for your website. Changing your server location …

September 13, 2011

Facebook Co-Founder Discusses The Early Days [video]

Doesn’t it feel like just the other day Facebook was just getting going? Now it seems most people cannot live without it. It truly is an amazing story when you think about the rise of the popular networking website, Facebook. …

September 12, 2011

Writing Good Search Engine Copy For Your Blog

There are two things you should keep in mind when writing good blog content for your website, 1 is that copy should always be written first for humans and second for search engines. One thing you do not want to happen is …

September 9, 2011

How To Properly Interlink Your Website Pages [video]

Site structure is probably one of the most important aspects to how well your SEO will work for you. One of those efforts that can determine having successful search engine optimization efforts is interlinking. Interlinking important pages helps pass and …

September 8, 2011

Bing Discusses 18 SEO Factors In Detail

Let’s face it folks, SEO is not an easy process. It is a craft that morphs and grows almost every single day. As long as innovation brews and search algorithms are tweaked we will all have to roll with the …

September 7, 2011

How Does Hillary Clinton Feel About Social Media?

If you havent’ noticed our president basically made it into office because he woke up and got savvy early in the election process a few years back. Social media played a very important role in his presidency and the elections for 2012 …

September 6, 2011

Android Is In Space!

If there is one company that can put a cell phone in space that is Google. During the last manned space quest two Nexus S phones powered by Google’s Android system made it along for the ride, pretty cool huh? A couple …

September 1, 2011

Still Think Social Media Is Bull S*#@?

Are you one of those people who still think social media is just not right for your business? I still bump into individuals that claim there is no room for social media for their business because their audience is not …

August 29, 2011

Why An App For Your Business Just Got More Important

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that building a mobile app for your business is something that can be very valuable for branding and growth. The ability to carry your entire life in the palm of your hand is something …

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