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Social Media Marketing

February 12, 2015

Social Engagement is the Core to Business Success

While it is true that social engagement can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your marketing and ultimately on the success of your business itself, it is important to remember that this engagement starts from within. Companies which …

February 9, 2015

Is your Social Media Marketing Failing?

If we want to look at the question of whether social media marketing is failing we first need to examine what we mean by success and how we are going to measure it. Many companies set up their Facebook, Twitter …

January 28, 2015

10 Ways to Go Big on Pinterest in 2015

Even though millions of people visit Pinterest each week, misconceptions about this website abound. In fact, some feel that this social media site is only useful for sharing recipes and wedding gift ideas. The truth, though, is that Pinterest is …

January 26, 2015

Social Media Ideas SMBs can Steal from Big Brands

Developing a social media strategy from a scratch is by no means an easy or quick process. In fact, you may even find yourself discouraged looking at all those big brands that have gathered truly large communities of devotes on …

January 22, 2015

Look to Your Customers for Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing tool of all time, dating back thousands of years to when scholars would write tributes from home or jail cells. Testimonials pre-Internet were powerful, but with today’s nonstop consumer dialogue on social media and …

January 13, 2015

Twitter Introduces #InfluencerVoices Videos for Better Strategy Creation

Twitter was a bit late introducing their advertising model compared to other social media platforms but they are here now and people are using it. More and more companies are learning how to properly tap into Twitter’s social advertising tool …

December 16, 2014

No-Sweat Social Media Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to improve your business’ online presence, sales, and branding. Many entrepreneurs in various industries have already invested in social media and they can already see the positive effect of it …

December 15, 2014

The top 10 Twitter Accounts for Internet Marketers to Follow in 2015

Social media marketing, SEO or just plain old internet marketing; it’s creative, it’s challenging and it’s fast moving.  So how do we stay one step ahead of the competition when there are so many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in the field’? Well …

December 9, 2014

Five Twitter Hashtag Campaigns That Worked

Twitter users love hashtags. Studies have shown that user engagement with a tweet doubles when it includes a hashtag, which isn’t surprising. After all, hashtags give Twitter users an easy way to participate in large discussions and connect with people …

November 26, 2014

Content Marketing Facts and Tricks for LinkedIn

When you think about the website LinkedIn the words that might come to your mind would be: jobs, employment, recruiting, and networking. LinkedIn is truthfully all of that, but it’s more. It’s a content promotion platform, it’s a brand marketing …

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