20 Reasons Your Online Website Could Be A Bit Rusty

Let’s face it the internet has a lot going on these days and nothing is straight forward. There can often times be an endless amount of reasons why a particular website is not functioning the way that it is supposed to on the web. Everything from design & development to what you are doing to market the site could be having a negative impact on your online brand. It also might be that nobody wants what you are offering which is a whole other story to deal with. Things online need quality and a certain element of uniqueness to them.

Here are 20 reasons why your website might not be functioning how it should.

  1. You have a poor user experience on your website and web traffic is simply turned off.
  2. You have broken links in your navigation and in your content.
  3. Your website loads very slowly causing frustration levels to grow.
  4. Poor design & development throughout the site.
  5. Lack of conversion aspects built in (lead form, phone number, email, etc…)
  6. Not enough personality to the brand.
  7. Too much personality spewing out of the brand.
  8. Website catered to the wrong demographic.
  9. Poorly written website content.
  10. Too much SEO efforts.
  11. Too many Google ads throughout the site.
  12. Too many affiliate links all over the place blinking up a storm.
  13. Poor use of website images.
  14. Abandoned or blank company blog.
  15. Lack of website updates.
  16. Poor URL structures throughout the site.
  17. Frequent server hosting crashes.
  18. Site dynamics causing web browser crashing.
  19. No attention to detail anywhere.
  20. No social interaction attempts with your audience.

The list can really go on and on and it is important your website does not fall prey to any of these elements on this list.

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