Does Your Audience Feel Warm And Fuzzy?

Social media is not just a fad or some website that has swung in that is going to vanish into thin air 6 months down the road. Social media is a process and a communication tool used to spread any message or voice through the digital pages we call the web. Like newspapers once where way back in the day when they first arrived on the scene social media has showed up in the same fashion. Social media is not something you want to ignore for your business because a few things could occur that you might not completely like if you turn a blind eye. Social media is like the new phone book, you just have to be there whether you like it or not.

A Disconnect With Your Audience

Online business in today’s marketplace is all about having constant streams of communication with your online audience. If a potential customer cannot connect with you online they are not going to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that is often generated in the social media community. Your audience wants someone to call on when they have a question in Facebook or Twitter. Every business in today’s online community should at the very least have a profile and a Facebook fan page set up so if your audience looks for you there your page will be visible.

Competition Pouncing

Leaving the social media window wide open is going to cause your competition to simply pounce on your audience like a cat and pull very valuable business away from you over time. Just because you have not ventured into the social media space yet does not mean that your competition has followed in the same footsteps. Do you want to make it even easier for your competitors to be taking business away from you?

Branding Loss

Social media allows brands to compete against each other with their actual branding power. It is the space and tool that allows businesses to really be able to brand themselves directly in front of their community without having to spend a great deal of budget on things like commercials and radio ads. If you have a creative bug and have not had the resources to really express it social media can give you that playing field to do it.

Social media is not something that is short winded. The reality is that when you put some time and effort into it you can really see some great results not only with new business but branding and traffic also. Don’t be scared of the social media space and just go ahead and put your marketing hat on and have some fun with it. You will be happy you did.

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