Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

This saying is very important to understand when you start to deal with search engine marketing and optimization for your website or business. I often times see online entrepreneurs really putting all their eggs into one basket when it comes to their online marketing efforts which almost always ends in disaster. What happens when the basket is forced to disappear? Where will your online business be if you spend all your time focusing on one area of marketing? Search engines are always changing and websites eventually disappear which is why it is important to be diverse online. Look at MySpace? I used to bump into businesses that spent all day long just marketing themselves on MySpace and that website is history now. Is Twitter in the same boat? Could it be?That is the thing, nobody knows how long anything is going to last online. All it takes is another boy genius to come around and create another Facebook or Google which could happen. Is it likely? probably not anytime soon but it could happen is the point I am making.

Why is it important to be diverse?

It is important to be diverse because if something should happen to one of your supports the others can try and pick up the slack or at the very least keep your business moving in the right direction. If you only have one support and that support gives out your business is going to be left scratching it’s head. I see this a lot when pay per click marketing power users only focus on PPC and find themselves in a situation where they all of a sudden they have to pull back on their advertising budgets and are virtually left with no visibility or exposure online. You do not ever want to be caught in a situation online where you are scrambling around to make up for lost ground because that is when you start to think about adding trickery and black hat techniques to your SEO which could cause even worse problems for you down the road.Being diverse has it’s other benefits as well. It allows you to touch upon other members of your audience you might not have been by only being visible in one location on the web. Being diverse as an online business also allows you to build up your brand name which Google has come out said numerous times before that building your brand and marketing your business online is more important for rankings than anything else you can do. Put a plan together on how you can come at the search engines with a diverse approach and you will be happy you did down the road.

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