How To Explain SEO Over The Phone

To many website owners they still view SEO like it is some mystical voodoo that is supposed to propel you into riches once it starts working for your website. Lack of proper explanation is partially to blame for this and I think there are certain elements that need to be addressed when explaining what SEO really is over the phone. I think there are a few rather large no-no’s when it comes to explaining SEO over the phone to a potential client that only makes their head spin even more.

Don’t Assume Anything

Just because you can spot a meta tag from a mile away doesn’t mean the person on the phone will too. Don’t assume they know what you are saying because they might yes you to death over the phone but chances are they have no clue what you are telling them so explain it properly so they can understand. Don’t assume they understand industry verbiage or even the technical aspects of a website either. Educate them a little bit so you don’t come off too aggressive.

Don’t Get To Technical

When I start to explain how SEO works over the phone I try to really dumb things down and not get too technical with my verbiage. I have them pull up a Google search box and explain to them over the phone what the function of a meta tag, description, and image tag do for rankings and how they operate in search results. You have to get on the same level as your phone recipient if you want them to be responsive. Understand when you can turn up or down the heat with your lingo.

Explain Your Process

Telling a person it is “secret” is a bunch of crap. If you are reading this and your SEO person cannot tell you what it is that they do to help you I would ditch them real quick and move on, chances are they are not doing much to benefit you in any way. Different SEO’s have different styles but the concepts and fundamentals at the core are the same. You can explain your process to 9 out of 10 phone conversations and they still wouldn’t know what to do with it so don’t be scared of them stealing your “recipe” and doing it themselves.

Be Nice

Don’t be all cocky on the phone because you have been doing this for a while. We are all humans just trying to make it through life and if people ask you dumb questions over the phone it is ok, they don’t know the concepts that is why they are calling you!You have to realize that people are contacting you because you offer a service that they know nothing about. Many people try SEO themselves and “learn” a very little bit, enough to be dangerous and get frustrated when they hit a wall.

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