Failure to Evolve Just Leads To Failure

I still come across these horrendous SEO marketing approaches where people think that mass blanketing the internet with a certain effort is a good approach to marketing a website online. Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is not my definition of a strategic online marketing plan, don’t you agree? Online businesses these days need to be more strategic than ever if they want to be a contender for your specific audience’s business. I think sometimes what it comes down to is people just don’t like to evolve or change.

With SEO failure to evolve just leads to failure eventually. Asking yourself why an effort that worked five years ago doesn’t anymore is simply someone who truly doesn’t understand the search engine optimization industry in the first place. Search engine marketing is an effort that is highly dynamic and always changing. It is not something that is set in stone by any means. All it takes is one new website to appear and the course of your marketing plan online could change very quickly. Some of the fundamentals are always going to be very import like building the right links and producing good quality content but even more so is the importance to roll with the changes that the industry throws at you.

SEO is not a science project, it is the act of proactively marketing yourself online and creating many quality pathways or bridges connecting your website and message to your audience online. This act alone has a series of counter effects one being increased rankings over time which will also come from naturally marketing your business online and not spamming the search engine with hundreds of crappy articles nobody wants to read. There is a little thing in the search engine called trust and that happens naturally when you are marketing yourself in a tasteful manner. If you build yourself like a brand online over time others will start to link to your website. This can only happen if your audience sees you in many different areas and not just popping up search results. Don’t get me wrong rankings are very important and most likely the reason why you are active online but rankings alone will certainly not grow your brand. Rankings are one piece of the puzzle and pulling and all the other pieces are very important in order to have the final product. Evolve your internet marketing approach and you will see your business grow online the right way

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