How Not To Lose Twitter Followers

Social media is an area where many businesses are still sort of scratching their heads when it comes to building their online brand in front of their target audience. Twitter has become a very important aspect to social media and it really doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. If you have spent a great deal of time building up your followers don’t all of a sudden lose them over something really silly.

Here are some ways to not lose your Twitter followers:

Don’t Use Automation for Conversation

People who spend a considerable amount of time using Twitter can tell when you use automation tools to communicate your message. Sure it is ok to streamline your process by how you communicate but make sure it is you or another human actually communicating on your Twitter wall.

Keep Self Promotion Tasteful

We are all here to spread the message about something we are selling but try not to suffocate your Twitter audience with too much self-promotion. There are ways to do it tastefully and there are ways to really anger your audience. Make the right choice so you don’t cause them to unfollow you.

Share Your Followers News

Social media is not a one way road. Make sure to also share some of the links that your followers are sharing because that is what social media is all about. Social media is there for everyone to scratch each other’s backs just a little bit.

Ask Your Followers Questions

Once in a while don’t be scared to ask your followers anything you want. Show them that you have a personality and you want to communicate with them and not just send them links to your blog or website.

Always Respond Back To Their Questions or Comments

If your audience reaches out to you to ask you a question or leave a comment on your wall Twitter feed always take a moment to respond back to them. It could be the difference of having a new client or not having a new client.

Twitter is a great place to build awareness to an online brand but you have to realize that like anything in life this is a website that is evolving and morphing constantly. What might have worked when it first launched might not work any longer so you have to always keep your skills sharp and your thought process outside of the box.

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