5 Traits Every Website Should Have

Building a website is highly strategic and requires a person to step into the shoes of a marketing person. Highly successful websites do not just become successful by chance, they are built to succeed over time. Sure not every website starts off running but over time you make tweaks and changes and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I have bumped into websites in my travels that do not have one tool in place to achieve the business goals desired for that website. How do you plan to build your business when your website is not even close to convert any web traffic?

Below are some of the most important traits every web business should have:

Get to your Point

For starters your website should express your business goals almost immediately when a person arrives to your website. If you don’t sell yourself within a few seconds and keep their attention they are going to split really quickly and go to a competitor. Make the goal of your business a top priority for your home page. Remember to not have too many distractions. You should lead your website traffic down a path almost immediately.

Make them Smile

It doesn’t matter who your audience is, entertain them in sort of way. Put your neck out there and experiment with how you can make your online audience smile. In business it is all about risks and standing out from the crowd. If you don’t stick out nobody is going to gravitate towards you so make an effort to entertain your online audience.

Be Everywhere

I know this is easier said than done but you have to visible in many different areas. It is more than just launching a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You really have to dig into where your community is hanging out and communicating with each other. It takes a multi pronged approach to really build a business online so research everywhere that makes sense for your business to be visible.


There is no way around it anymore you have to be vocal online with your audience or pay the consequences. Brands of all sizes are now communicating on a daily basis with their entire audience so it is vital for you to be doing the same. Create a community online and start socializing because if you don’t your competition will.

Make Changes

Simply put you have to re-invent your brand once in a while online. Keep things fresh with your website. Nobody wants to visit a website and see the same thing over and over for years to come. Make changes and tweaks to your website and try different things. Your audience will respond well. You know how if you paint something paint will stick better if you run some sandpaper across it first? Same principal.


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