15 Popular Misconceptions about SEO

It is interesting to see the wide variety of definitions and approaches to SEO that exist out there. I often times speak to people that still think some really crazy concepts about search engine optimization which leads me to believe that there is still a great deal of education required when it comes to search engine marketing. Part of the problem is that once people start to understand what it really is something changes in the industry causing everyone to have to shift their brains thought process in a new direction.Here are 15 misconceptions about SEO that people still seem to think apply to the industry:

  1. It happens very quickly
  2. It can replace all other marketing efforts
  3. It will generate sales immediately
  4. It will increase leads
  5. It will make you rich
  6. It happens by next Tuesday
  7. It doesn’t work
  8. Anyone can do it
  9. It can be outsourced overseas
  10. Directories submissions are the only way to achieve good SEO
  11. Once you achieve rankings you can simply stop
  12. SEO has nothing to do with social media
  13. Social media will not help your SEO
  14. If I spend more in PPC my rankings will improve
  15. SEO is pixie dust

The reality is that search engine optimization is the process of bringing relevant traffic to your website over time. SEO does not generate new business, your website, your products and your services generate new business. SEO is just the process of delivering the traffic that is most likely to create an action on your website but it is up to your website and your brand to take over once a visitor arrives.

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