SEO Spring Cleaning Check List

Well with Spring right around the corner many of us are planning for a new fresh start, clean the house, clean the car, get the yard ready and run through your website and check all your SEO elements to make sure everything is working just fine. Spring time brings new beginnings for many people and businesses. It is a time to rethink your ink and get ready for things to blossom during the warm summer months. This is why it is also important to run through your own businesses internet marketing campaign and website SEO to make sure things are 100% efficient.If you have not looked at the state of your own website in a while it might be time now. Here are a few areas to consider:

Industry Buzz Words

When was the last time you went through and really analyzed any new industry buzz words that might be lurking around in your industry? New industry buzz words should always be implemented on your website in one way or another. Fire up a keyword research tool and try to find some new industry keywords that might be swarming around your industry.

New Communities

There are lots of new social communities springing to life right now that many businesses are really starting to take advantage of. Areas like mobile location tagging are just making their way to the limelight and businesses have already started taking advantage of the boom. If you have been to busy to follow the search marketing trends now is a good time to get caught up to speed. Put a spreadsheet together of all your internet marketing activities along with all communities you are part of and go out and try to find some new areas to be visible in. Marketing a website means always finding new locations to be visible in so get out there a bit and do some research. If you think you are maxed out you might be surprised at what you find.

Website Changes

Are their elements of your website you hate? Do you wish certain colors just where not there? Make some changes to your website. Give it a breath of fresh air. Just like homes get painted websites need to get painted once in a while also. Make some conversion changes to change things around a bit. If your website has not been performing that well now is a good time to get in there and make some necessary tweaks and changes to give your website new energy flow.

Tweak Content

If your content has been stale get in there and re tweak it. Get people stimulated by your content to want to create some sort of an action on your website. Get them wondering and moving around your website and it will lead to some new business over time.

Re-Check Your URLs

Go through your website and check all your URL structures to make sure they are clean. If you see lots of characters and symbols in your URL’s it is time to clean them up.

Trim The Fat

Do you have service pages that absolutely don’t do anything for you? Get rid of them! Streamline your website. Don’t create obstacles for your web traffic. Funnel them down to the pages that you want them to see. If you have to many services listed on your site sometimes this could deter visitors also.

With Spring here it is a good time to really analyze what you have been doing and make some changes that could help you out. People’s mindset changes around the Spring time and they get excited that warm weather has arrived. This creates a stimulus in spending so be ready for it. If you haven’t been doing anything marketing your business online now is a good time to start that as well. Give your online marketing approach a new taste of life and create a nice new energy flow around your business.


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