Twitter Embedded Tweets

This is a really neat new little feature that Twitter will be rolling out very soon. A definite way to spread more Twitter wealth and branding through the vast pages of the web by being able to quote Twitter tweets. Twitter has announced that embeddable tweets will now be rolled out for all bloggers and other websites to be able to use when writing blog posts. With all the fun stuff happening at websites like Facebook with the new like buttons being spread across the internet Twitter needed to come up with something like this very soon just to simply keep up with everything going social.

Once embedded they will look something like this:

Twitter Embedded Tweets

Personally I think this is a great step for Twitter to pull in some more exposure for their site. It will get people navigating around various Twitter accounts and quoting industry sources in a whole new way. It seems like the goal for most websites right now is to get the community really using the tools on other websites which is a smart move for these communication giants. When this finally does roll out I think it will be an awesome way to spread the word and message those are trying to convey on Twitter.

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