Don’t Forget About These Web Marketing Elements

When it comes to website marketing there are a variety of obvious things you could and should be doing to proactively promote yourself and your website. There are some technical aspects that we can all be doing on our websites and external marketing efforts that people sometimes don’t realize or simply forget.

Deep Linking

Yes home page links are very important but there comes a time where it is important to also link to internal pages of your website that might be just as important. It could be an internal service page, a useful chart or even an instructional video. If your link is being placed on a strategic niche website or web page like a specific Wikipedia page you might want to focus it directly to the internal web page discussing that information.

Use Anchor Text

If at all possible try using anchor text links anywhere you can. Ideally you would be using a popular keyword as that anchor text so you can slowly start to rank for the keyword phrase in search. Anchor text has been known to work very well when it comes to SEO but you have to make sure to not abuse it.

Keep Things Diverse

Your marketing approach should always be diverse. Your links should come from multiple sources, your efforts in communication should be as diverse as possible and you need to be visible in multiple corners online whenever you can. Diversity is very important when it comes to web marketing because your whole audience is not going to be visible in only one location.

Internal Linking

Your existing website is an amazing location to really beef up your SEO efforts. Interlinking between important web pages using anchor text is important to build up your search engine optimization efforts. It also helps tremendously with the user experience if it is done correctly.

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