What Is Facebook Places?

This is a prime example of how quickly things change when it comes to anything occurring online. When Facebook launched their local check-in technology for the iPhone, Facebook Places people could use the popular check-in feature to let their friends know what it is that they are doing that will appear in the stream of conversations in the wall.

Facebook Places

Local search marketing has taken on drastic changes over the recent years and this just shows you that it is not done. For years it was all about just having a Google Maps listing. Ever since Foursquare came on the scene and offered the technology where others can let the world know where they are and what they are doing by hitting a button on their cell phone the local web marketing instantly changed overnight. Many local businesses are still trying to figure out whether they even need a Google listing never mind taking advantage of this new local marketing technology that has sort of just landed in our lap. It doesn’t matter whether you own or run a small local dry cleaning business or a large car dealership you need to be visible everywhere including the cell phone. The majority of all new cell phones dropping on the heads of society are smart phones giving people the opportunity to really search on the go, and they do.

People use these location technologies to check-in almost everywhere they go on a daily basis. More and more location power users are forming and it is something that is not going to slow down anytime soon. Look at Twitter, when they first launched people where not sure what to make of it but now it is just an industry standard marketing communication tool used by a rather large business and consumer audience. To power the Facebook Places FB has partners with Foursqaure, Gowalla, Booyah and Yelp to fill their database of not only users but also check-in locations. You will now have the opportunity to check in and push the material directly to your Facebook wall.Search engine marketing is constantly changing and evolving and it is up to you to keep yourself educated on these important changes that flood the headlines. If you own or operate any local business take the time to look into these new emerging local marketing tools.

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