Yahoo Gives SEO Tips?

Yahoo Style Guide

If you have never heard of the Yahoo Style Guide it is a printed book that Yahoo created about communication in media. One of the topics in this book is a section about search engine optimization. Is there a section in the book that states a blog should be written in more than twice per/month. I’m not pointing any fingers (Yahoo). Anyways let’s take a look and see what types of information they are giving out to the general public regarding SEO.

“When you type the words you’re looking for into a search box, the engine tries to match your words with the words from webpages it has analyzed, and it then delivers a list of matches. The engine organizes that list from best to worst, ranking the results according to a variety of criteria (such as how many other sites find a page valuable and link to it).”

The best to worst part seems to be accurate but it doesn’t always happen. I see crap appearing in the search results that is often very high up that really shouldn’t be there. In theory that is what they are trying to do but it doesn’t always happen how it should.

“A number of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques exist to give sites an advantage in this ranking, and many of these apply to Web design. But as a content creator, your best SEO techniques are (1) to write information-rich copy that people will want to read and link to and (2) to figure out which words people are likely to use in searches, and then embed those keywords throughout your copy.”

I am going to disagree with the statement that many SEO techniques apply to web design. Web design has nothing to do with search engine optimization. Yes clean code will help out your efforts but the actual design really doesn’t matter. Points one and two are important in this statement as keywords and information rich text on your website and your blog posts is always going to be very important.

“SEO is competitive: There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get your site on a first page of search results. But as a content creator, you can help bump up your site’s ranking just by optimizing the text and links.”

Love it! This is probably the best piece of advice I have heard all day. There is no guarantee. They are right folks nobody has control over anything so you just have to have a good search marketing strategy in place in stick to it. Overtime your hard work will pay off.

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