What Do You Do When You Can’t Buy Groupon?

Google Groupon

We all knew this had to happen when Groupon decided to give the axe to Google purchasing the group buying giant. Some think Groupon is nuts not take the 6 or billion smackers others think it is a wise move. I’m sure Groupon knew this would eventually happen if they turned down the acquisition attempt by the search giant, welcome to Google Offers. Is Groupon worried? Who knows they might be a little bit.

The good news for Google is that if you tend to follow the idea of things being a number game the chances of something working out for them is actually in their favor. Since so many things seem to fail for Google this could be that bright shining star many have been waiting for. Location based location marketing through group selling efforts has become a very popular and important strategy for many local businesses. This is really just the next logical step for Google to go into. Local businesses have been able to really reap the rewards from sites like Groupon and it is an important area for any local business to be in.

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