Don’t Ever Assume Anything Online

Never Assume

When it comes to search engine marketing or virtually promoting anything online one thing you never want to do is make assumptions with your website traffic. Assuming something will happen or a website visitor will do something on your website is not a very wise choice. You want to make your website goals clear and visible at all times when it comes to leading your website traffic down a specific intended path. You want to have all your ducks in a row because you simply cannot predict how all your traffic will respond on your website. It is important take as much of the guessing game out as possible in order to build and manage a well-oiled machine online.

Never assume your traffic will look for a “contact us” page

Don’t ever assume that your web traffic will try and attempt to hunt down a lead form or a contact us page if they want to get a hold of someone at your company. You need to make the contact option clearly visible and easy for web traffic to find otherwise they might just end up leaving. Don’t make them hunt for a phone number but rather make it visible on every page.

Never assume your traffic will find your most relevant internal pages

Do you have some internal pages that are highly important but buried under endless drop downs? Make those pages a bit more visible to your audience. Let’s say you count on a competitor comparison chart to convert traffic but that chart is buried in your website. Sure people might find it through the search results but what up the traffic that comes direct? Create a link on your home page and your side bar so more people can find it. Never make your web traffic go fishing to find something important on your website.

Never assume your traffic will simply create an action

Most websites have a natural action flow that needs to occur in order for conversions to stay as healthy and consistent as possible. It requires being able to lead your traffic down a certain path on your website so they walk in the entrance, complete a conversion and exit quietly out the back without any hung ups what so ever.

Making assumptions with how your web traffic could and will interact with your website could lead to virtually no conversions or customer interaction. Take the time to really express your goals in the layout and design of your website in order to make the path as easy as possible for your audience to follow.

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