What Should I Write In My Blog?

Avoid Writers Block

Acquiring writers block is very common and it can really happen to anyone. If writing is a bit more difficult for you it can get tough coming up with new blog material for your audience. There are different ways you can come up with blog writing ideas you just have to dig deep into your mind. A blog is simply your voice and that voice can be used for what ever you wish. Make it be the voice of your business or your brand and try to make it community driven so people interact with your blog. A blog is designed as a journal so a business can really use it to leverage their media and exposure how ever they want. Don’t worry about who you piss off in the process because good journalism will get under people’s skin in some way eventually.

Writer Block Tips Video

Here are a few ways to help you find good writing material:

Google Alerts

Google alerts will ping you almost everyday on a any topic or keyword you want to find information about. Try and set up alerts for 10 or 15 important topics in your industry and you will see what other trends other bloggers are writing about online. It will also show you what your audience is interested in and reading about everyday that could give you some great ideas on how to structure your own blog posts.

Writing Useful Lists

People really enjoy reading lists when it can help them with either their career or just give them some valuable insight on their industry they might not have had before. Lists are a very easy and friendly way to read a blog post as long as the list is not too long and structured correctly. Keep in mind it should be as long as it needs to be in order to convey the message you are trying to get across to your readers. Keep your lists clean and easy to follow so if someone skims through it quickly they can easily identify the areas they want to focus on.

Compare Other Products

Do you have other leading competitors in your industry and you have had the experience to try out both of them? Why not put a post together comparing the two products or services? Try not to take sides but compare them as apples to apples and see how they stack up against each other. This could be a toy, software, vehicle or even office equipment. Remember that it is your blog and you can write what ever you want.

How To Guides

How to guides are great to get peoples attention especially if it is a guide relating to something that tends to have much of the community in a bind. Put a nice comprehensive guide on how to accomplish something important in your specific industry and people will read is, as long as it helps them out.

Funny Videos

Funny videos or generally any industry video that your audience can relate to is a nice way to keep their attention. Follow up the video with an opinion and possibly your own summary of the video in order to get others to comment on your blog.

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