25 Ways To Tease A Search Marketer

Tease A Search Marketer

If you want to see a search marketing professional squirm and sweat there are different ways you can tease them. Of course this all depends on how much time and energy you both have vested in each other but if you really want to get one of us fired up there are certain things you can certainly do or say to ruffle our feathers and put us in a panic attack. Of course we are all calm, cool & collected but there are many times a company such as ourself will be managing SEO for a client and they go behind our backs to conduct an effort that they “thought” would be great without consulting us first which almost always leads to disaster.

Below are some ways to drop that bombshell on us and give us a good tease.

You tell us:

  1. You felt like deleting the sitemap 2 months ago.
  2. You bought some spammy links just to see how it would work.
  3. You really wanted to conduct a link exchange with that baby cradle site…(you sell running sneakers)
  4. This great company offering SEO services for $29.95 per/month said it would compliment our approach with you so we just signed up.
  5. You re-wrote all the content on your site and forget to tell you.
  6. You thought the new URL structures would look very pretty.
  7. You re-developed the whole site and it went live last night without letting anyone know a peep.
  8. You purchased a mass SEO submission “package” because you thought it was a good deal.
  9. You want to take the same exact approach as your competitor with everything you do online.
  10. You don’t think SEO is really worth it.
  11. You think social media is just a fad and you never want a Facebook or Twitter account.
  12. You think that pay per click advertising is only for the rich & wealthy.
  13. You think every search marketing professional is out to get you.
  14. You tell us your site is prettier than your competition so it should be higher in rankings.
  15. You are doing things wrong because someones blog said so.
  16. You are a 100% sure re-writing the same article 100 times is a great marketing technique.
  17. You found this great deal where you can purchase 1 million email addresses.
  18. You think just a little black hat will help you inch forward in front of your audience.
  19. You want to see if stuffing a few hundred links into your footer will aid your SEO efforts.
  20. You don’t feel like writing new content so you just want to use the same text on all the pages.
  21. You feel like switching to an all flash website.
  22. You are gonna try and hide text on your pages to try and fool the search engines.
  23. You have decided to only worry about building your Google PageRank.
  24. You want to launch hundreds of micro-sites in order to dominate the search space.
  25. You tell us that web marketing is not right for you.

Anyone of these efforts would make the hair stand on a search marketers neck. It is important to always take a quality approach when marketing your business online. Cutting corners will get you no where but banned from search and having to start all over in some cases.

If you have any others let us know!

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