Foursquare Social Media Influence

Are you a business that caters towards a local audience and is not using Foursquare yet? Have you asked yourself what is Foursquare? Foursquare has become a very important component to any local web marketing strategy aimed at creating more consumer interaction and foot traffic with a brick & mortar business. The folks over at Austin & Williams interactive agency have put together a great infographics piece on just how much influence Foursquare has in the online space. The geo-targeting game online has become a very important part for any brick & mortar business looking to expand their reach through their immediate community.

Foursquare Social Media InfluenceHere are some important pieces of information to take away from this chart if you are a local business.

  • 35% of users use Foursquare tips when deciding to visit a place.
  • 58% of users are more likely to go somewhere in order to unlock a badge.
  • 40% of users are directly influenced by Foursquare when visiting a place.
  • 48% of users find Foursquare badges to be extremely important.

What is a Foursquare badge?

A foursquare badge is how the community measures their success on this popular website. As they check-in at certain businesses they are given points and rewards. Once they hit certain milestones the users then unlock a badge which is displayed on their profile. If they hit a certain milestone they can even become the mayor of that specific location. Sure it might sound like a novelty but the reality is that it directly generates traffic to people’s businesses according to the statistics in the data above.

What do the Foursquare badges look like?

Foursquare Badges

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