3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Now Social

Social Email Marketing

Email is probably one of the first forms of online digital communication and still thrives today as a means to communicate not just everyday chatter but also a business message. Email marketing has come a long way and as the world of social interaction continues to strengthen brands email interaction grows stronger and more important every single day. The digital space is complicated and busy and for brands to make waves and create streams of visibility a robust email campaign is surely a must.

Here are 3 reasons why email marketing is not just email marketing any longer:

Reason #1 — Web Based Technology

The technology that allows all of us to utilize the process of email marketing is mostly web based now. Sites like Constant Contact and Benchmark Email are mostly focused on providing users a web based technology solution that can allow anyone to hop online and create some sort of email campaign. Assuming that you have a list of opt-in email recipients most small businesses can whip up some sort of communication in just a matter of minutes. This communication then travels through web based channels making it extremely easy to share with others on sites like Twitter & Facebook.

Reason #2 — People Like To Share

Have you ever fired up your Facebook or Twitter pages and saw a status update that shows someone letting you know they just ate a ham sandwich for lunch? It might sound strange to some to see that but the point I am making is that people share everything these days. Social sharing is something that is growing at an exponential rate and it will most likely continue to grow. If you send your email recipients an email communication with even half decent content that odds are some of your list will share your information, of course your goal should always be 100% quality content. Either through a share button or just forwarding things to their social profiles and friends your email has the ability to really move around the web space.

Reason #3 — Everything is Connected

The entire online community is now connected through a series of API’s and well established technology resources linking everyone together. Your Twitter account can link to your website, your website can link to your Facebook page, your Facebook page can sync up with your LinkedIn account…are you going cross eyed yet?

The point is that when you publish an email campaign on today’s web based solutions you are given the opportunity to immediately export your email campaign to any of your favorite social profiles creating an automatic status update. This status update/email is then seen by all your little fans and followers allowing them to either sign up to your company newsletter or just pass the information along….it’s a beautiful thing.

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