A Complete Breakdown of Google’s Most Expensive Keywords

Google Income

The fine folks over at WordStream put together this amazing infographic piece on just how much certain keywords and click costs make Google billions of dollars every single year. It is important to realize that not all industries are treated equal when it comes to pay per click advertising costs.

How Google Makes Its Money

9 responses to “A Complete Breakdown of Google’s Most Expensive Keywords”

  1. Robin Durham says:

    Interesting but not surprising. No wonder all of these services are so expensive when we go to purchase them. Especially choices 1-4.

    • Brandignity says:

      Seriously! Some of those click costs are unbelievable when you really look at them all laid out.

  2. Bob Veris says:

    Nice job Maciej! This is the kind of info that can be useful to us. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tony Dimmock says:

    Awesome information – many thanks.

  4. Darn, back to the Thesaurus for cheaper key words!

  5. Rich Vasquez says:

    Great info! I agree with Robin and Bob and I represent #1 Insurance. I hope that my model will help offset the high cost we pay for 1-4.


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