How To Write A Timeless Blog Post

Timeless Writing


Writing blog posts is a wonderful thing, writing blog posts that stand the test of time is an even more wonderful thing. It really comes down to what your blogs goals are but when you really get going with your blog writing it is nice when your posts are still delivering good quality traffic years down the road. Writing posts about hot topics occurring right now is important but having some timeless pieces bouncing around so readers will still find your content valuable down the road is an important part of blog writing as well.

From an SEO stand point a timeless blog post that can bounce around for many years also has the ability to generate a nice amount of inbound links over time. As more and more people bump into it eventually other bloggers will link to it and cite the source.

Here are some ways to keep your blog posts timeless:


Focus less on today’s news


Writing about today’s news can be important depending on how you spin it but news items tend to dissolve quickly leaving behind information that might not really be useful after some time has passed on. Posts surrounding news items also lose their stickiness once the new item has passed the time of importance. Everyday news items have a shelf life and if you don’t leverage your posts right after you write them you might find your posts having less of that residual power that many look for.


Offer invaluable experience


If you have experience in your space and have seen a lot of changes that can be turned into valuable insight for others to conduct their work write about it. Valuable industry experience is something that can stand the test of time. Experience coupled with industry keywords can help others in your business space overcome an obstacle that you had to go through. A post like this can be utilized years down the road and even bookmarked for later use if positioned & written correctly.


Write about industry tips


Certain industry tips can linger for years and still be very useful. We bump into blog posts that where written almost 5 years ago online that still offer great value to readers. Posts like this can generate a great deal of SEO power overtime simply because they linger for so long and still provide value. Overtime as more and more eyeballs bump into a specific post eventually other bloggers might find it so useful that they cite some content and link back to you.

Keep in mind that this all depends on what your blogs goals are but if you have a business that targets either B2B or even B2C there are ways you can incorporate some of these strategies if you are serious about attracting visitors for the long term.

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