What The Heck is a Twitter Tweet Button?

What is a Tweet Button?

It is pretty clear that not everyone on today’s planet earth understands all the in’s and outs of the web and how it operates. The web is vast and wide and the technology surrounding it is simply moving at lightning speed which is why not all business owners really grasp the concepts behind search engine optimization and social media at all times. One thing about social media that is important to understand is that social sharing is probably the most important concept everyone needs to understand. Social media is not just about self promotion but sharing important items and topics through your community.

The online web community truly enjoys sharing anything and everything that they like. We have all witnessed the ridiculous sharing efforts of people’s daily mundane activities like tying their shoes and purchasing their morning coffee but from a business stand point Twitter sharing buttons on a B2B or B2C website can make an immense difference when it comes to gaining visibility and authority.

For many grasping the concept of how to apply Twitter to their business model is still a daunting task. All these methods and rules to follow can get overwhelming for someone who has spent a better part of their life growing a business with absolutely no web help. The Twitter re-tweet button helps your website visitors share what they see on your site with their immediate community.

Twitter Tweet Button Video

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  1. Great article, and very pertinent to our young company. Thanks

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