10 Minute Per Day Social Media Plan

10 Per Day Social Media Plan

Do you often say that you just don’t have time for social media during the day? Well in my opinion that is just malarkey. Sure in  a perfect world you would have someone executing social media efforts throughout the entire day for your company but  if all you can make time for is 10 minutes it is better than doing nothing. Actually ten minutes will give you just enough time to at least grab some traction in the social media space and perhaps gain some visibility.

What can you do in ten minutes?

Lets take a look and see just how much can be completed in ten minutes per day.


Sit down and brainstorm different topics and ideas for blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates. 10 minutes in front of a spreadsheet (or a piece of paper) can help you come up with some catchy titles. Once you have a blog post title you can come up with the copy once you start writing but the title is typically a nice catalyst for what is to come.

For example:

  • 10 ways to shine a shoe
  • A guide to washing your boat
  • How to bake peach cobbler in 20 minutes
You get the picture? Just come up with the title first and then you can visualize the rest of the post. You should be able to come up with some decent titles in 10 minutes.

Send A Tweet

It takes just a few seconds to send a tweet. Don’t over think it too much. All you have to do is send a tweet saying hello to your followers or re-tweet something valuable that your community would enjoy seeing. It takes just a few moments each day to send a small little tweet that could potentially bring in some valuable traffic to your site.

Do Anything On Your Facebook Fan Page

If your Facebook fan page is not up to date how it should be hop on and fix what needs fixing. Make sure all your data is filled in or upload some new company photos. By all means leave a status update for your fans so they know you are alive as a business.

The point is with ten minutes per day you can not only brainstorm and put a plan of action together you can chip away at that plan and actually execute some of the activities to at least generate some valuable traction. Is ten minutes going to propel you into an immense social media light? It very well could if you are in a small niche but not touching it at all is just not an option any longer.

5 responses to “10 Minute Per Day Social Media Plan”

  1. Lily says:

    Great tip! Sometimes we just need to start small and think simple!

  2. Christina says:

    nice tips…
    but, it’s have much experiences to become fast for me

  3. Dave says:

    Good points and a good reminder that almost anything can be accomplished if you break it down into small enough chunks and just get busy doing it. Gotta go tweet something now….

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