Bing Gives Link Building Advice

Bing Talks Link Building

There is no doubt about it — building links is important. What is more important is building the right links. A link on a site selling baby supplies when you are a tire manufacturer is not going to help even in the slightest. The truth is un-coordinated irrelevant link building will most likely hurt your long term SEO efforts. Link building is the voice of your digital web marketing efforts and they speak to the search engines to let them know what it is that you are doing to market your website.

Here is one of the most important reasons the Bing Webmaster Blog states why you need links:

“Most people will say you want links because they help you rank better.  That’s a very over-simplified view.  While it’s true that relevant links from an already trusted website can help your own website increase in the rankings, that’s but one small part of the entire equation.  Don’t go crazy thinking “He said “small part” – links aren’t that important now?!”  What this means is links are seen in balance across the factors used to rank websites.  A URL which is brand new, but breaking a news story should still rank well.  By the traditional view of how much value links hold, such a new URL would never surface in the results because of a lack of links.  There needs to be a balance.

You want links for a few reasons:

1 – because they alert us to your website when its new, or to new content
2 – because they are a vote of confidence in your site – quality websites tend to link to other quality websites
3 – because those links can send you direct traffic
4 – because over time, they can help establish a footprint that points to your authority on a topic (think guest blogging)”

It is important to realize from the above information that this can really apply to any search engine. Links are important when there is a strategy behind how you acquire them. Relevancy is one of the most important elements when it comes to how and why to acquire links for your website. It is all about building confidence in the eyes of the search engine. Each relevant link added lets the search space know that you are building your confidence and trust in your domain. This exercise takes time and patience and cannot be done over night.

“We want to see links mainly because they help us discover content.  They also help us understand value.  If a reputable website places a link to an article on your blog, they trust you enough to deliver a good user experience to the visitors they will send you via that link.  Getting a link in a news article on a major news website has been the demise of many a blogging server under the crush of traffic.  That’s a good problem to have, and from the engine’s point of view, you seem a credible resource if the major news source is willing to link to you.”

3 responses to “Bing Gives Link Building Advice”

  1. Thank you for your insight. We are researching links now…pondering the relevence.

  2. ASUS Zenfone says:

    Bing is unique search engine. It takes a lot of patient to understand it.

  3. Tri Haryadi says:

    Bing is unique search engine. It takes a lot of patient to understand it.

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