Google Adjusts Search Algorithm 500 Times A Year [video]

Google Search Algorithm Changes


This is an important video to watch because it lets you understand just how Google’s search tool adjusts with changes almost every single day. Google has an¬†immensely impressive team of individuals working on their algorithm every single day. Many times we do not even notice the subtle changes that occur. Some are created to eliminate spam and others are created to enhance user experience. Google is constantly working on improving the way we decipher the worlds digital information so our days can not only move quicker but more efficiently.


Rajan Patel, a search scientist at Google states that:


“The Google search algorithm is made up of several hundred signals that we try to put together to serve the best results for each user.”


Google states that just in the past year they have made over 500 search algorithm changes. Not all changes are done to adjust the way web pages are indexed. Many changes rotate around the aesthetics of how the search results are displayed.


Google Search Algorithm Video


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