What I like About Google’s New Site Links

Google Site Links

Have you completed a company branded search in the last week or so? If you have you might have noticed something new & cool going on in the search results, expanded site links. Google made the announcement earlier this month about how they plan on expanding these site links in order to increase user experience. In my opinion the new search result site links are amazing for a handful of reasons. You be the judge.

Brandignity New Search Results



We get a fair amount of company branded searches on a monthly basis. For any business where their community searches their company name it is important as to how your search results appear for those queries. With the new Google site links expanded as much as they have this will strengthen a brands appearance in the eyes of their audience especially if you have a decent amount of internal service or product pages. Google is now showcasing many more important internal pages which makes it even more important to have strong content.

Click Through

In our case Google is now showcasing almost all of our internal service pages right in the search results allowing users to click through deeper into the site right from the search results. Some users are not going to want to rummage around through your website, some just want to get to where they need to go and these new site links are going to help them do just that.


For all of you who understand SEO and how it works it is all about search engine results and inbound traffic. Google’s new site links tremendously increase the overall SEO power of your internal site. Anytime you can get more internal page visibility for your web pages in front of your audience you increase the efficiency of your site. This is just good SEO.

Google had this to say:

“As it became clear how valuable sitelinks were, we continued to improve their appearance and quality. We rearranged them into a column of links to make them easier to read. We doubled the number of links, creating direct access to more of the site. We started showing sitelinks for more results and we continuously made improvements to the algorithms that generate and rank the links. With each of these changes, people used sitelinks more and more.”

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