Examples of Twitter Success

Twitter Success


Often times many businesses get into the mindset that self-promotion is the most important aspect to social media and they tend to overlook the true capabilities of marketing themselves through social channels like Twitter. I know there are many posts out there currently on why you should tweet or update your Facebook status, how you should you do it and everything else in between but I still want to write this because I think it is important to understand that there are highly successful companies growing their business by using Twitter.

It is imperative to realize that Twitter marketing does work when done correctly. I can sit here and kick and scream and let the world know that they should be highly active on Twitter but I think sometimes businesses need to hear it from someone else’s mouth so that they fully understand the magnitude of the whole situation.


Here are some examples of Twitter success stories

These are some very important aspects to not forget about when venturing into the Twitter space.




You don’t have to sit there every day only letting everyone know about your company services. Show your followers and your audience that you are more than just a desk and a computer. Let them know there is a soul behind your brand and a real human being that is eager to converse with your audience. Have you have ever heard the expression you can get more bees with honey than with vinegar? Same principal applies in this case as well. Don’t just whack people over the head every day with ads about your services, hit them up and let them know about a funny piece of mail or a crazy phone call you just got.




I know it’s crazy, promote someone else? Retweeting other blog posts and information is a great way to get on other people’s radar, plus it is a nice gesture and eventually someone will do it for you as well. It also shows that you are there to strengthen the Twitter community and not just promote what you got.

Don’t be selfish and help the people around you. Look at it this way, every time you tweet anything it gives you one more touch point on the Twitter wall. It is one more time someone can see your logo or your company name and trust me people will notice that you are helping others out.

Twitter is an unbelievable way to find a very quick audience but you have to come at with a quality solid approach otherwise you are going to get burned. Other Twitter users are immune to the craziness of ads all day long and the hoopla that people throw at the wall to see if it sticks. Join the community and show everyone that you are a person behind your brand and you will get much further than you think. Plus it will make you feel good too. If you are still confused try reading through the official Twitter guide located on their website.


Is your mom on Twitter?


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