Bing Discusses 18 SEO Factors In Detail

Bing SEO Factors

Let’s face it folks, SEO is not an easy process. It is a craft that morphs and grows almost every single day. As long as innovation brews and search algorithms are tweaked we will all have to roll with the punches of search. You can’t expect the search system to operate the same today as it did in 2003 can you? I always like when any major search engine entity discusses SEO factors because if you want to know and understand how to do it correctly you need to listen to them and what they say when they say it.

Bing recently had a discussion on their webmaster blog about different SEO factors. Now don’t get overwhelmed when you go through the list because it is extensive but if SEO was easy everyone would be running a muck in the search space. Search engine optimization efforts can vary in detail between Bing & Google but the overall concept always stays the same — be efficient and brand your business.

Here is a summary of their discussion:

  • Crawlability – Search engines need to be able to read your site correctly.
  • Site Structure – Sloppy site structure can cause slow climbing in the search space.
  • Content Hierarchy – Content positioning is extremely important for SEO.
  • On-Page Factors – Certain on page design factors feed the search engines.
  • Content Production – How do you produce content? Is it original?
  • Link Building – Oh the holy grail of growth, you have to do it with quality in mind at all times.
Here is an important snippet about the ever-challenging world of link building:
“When you build links, work to get targeted keywords inserted into the anchor text to boost relevancy for the targeted search term. This increases a link’s perceived value to both users and search engines. Encourage links to your page by integrating social network icons which allow visitors to easily share your page. More eyes on your page can increase the odds it will be linked from an outside source. And remember that inter-linking between your own domains can look like a spam tactic. The best way to get links, though, is to provide excellent, unique content. You should avoid services which claim to be able to build you a number of organic links for a fee.  Often they claim things like “Get 100 organic links in 7 days for under $50!”.  We can assure you the value of almost every one of those links will be pretty much zero.  Whether the link comes from a spammy website, or we simply see a repetitive pattern, we’ll discount the value you were hoping to obtain from the links leaving you out money with no gains to show in the rankings.”
  • Fun Marketing Efforts
  • Things You Should Avoid

To read the full outline of Bing SEO factors click here.

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