Facebook Co-Founder Discusses The Early Days [video]

Early Days of Facebook


Doesn’t it feel like just the other day Facebook was just getting going? Now it seems most people cannot live without it. It truly is an amazing story when you think about the rise of the popular networking website, Facebook. Many people sometimes don’t realize that when things first started moving along there was more than just one person involved during the initial growth. Sure the face behind the Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg but he had some help growing that seed in the early days and we often forget it requires a team of people to grow a business. If you are ever curious on just how they grew over the years here is a nifty little Facebook timeline you can ponder over.

Here is a great video from TechCrunch TV interviewing one of the early co-founders of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz.


Facebook Co-Founder Video

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