The New Delicious Is Here!

New Delicious Website

Well it is finally here — the new Delicious has launched, but will it last? I will admit the interface is completely different from the old version of the site but whether it stands the test of time is a whole other story. Digg was in a very similar situation not too long ago where they went through a massive re-development and design to keep up with current online trends and I don’t think they really recovered like they thought they would.

Social bookmarking was once a very popular form of web marketing but in the traditional sense it has lost steam. Sites like Propeller, Mixx and numerous others have shuttered and disappeared. I think Delicious has a chance to get it done right but they will have to re-invent the wheel. From the looks of it I think they might be on the right path but it is still too early to tell.

New Delicious Screenshot

New Delicious

New Delicious Video

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