SEO’s Biggest Obstacle? Impulse Shopping [lack of]

Impulse Shopping

I came across a very important discussion on TechCrunch regarding the impulse of how people purchase on or offline. For many years web pages responded very well to impulse shopping which is why it was (and still is) very important people to rank but the gears have shifted quite a bit over the last few years when it comes to impulse shopping. Creating website conversions takes finesse and practice moving around web elements and trying different things to get an audience re-acting differently on individual web pages.

Impulse shopping has a new definition. In my opinion impulse shopping has changed across the board due to the internet & economy and this will most likely continue in this direction. The days of visitors randomly bumping into web pages that have been SEO’d to death and whipping out their credit card is fading away quickly. As the economy becomes more difficult to cope with the community holds onto their hard earned cash even tighter than ever before. The reality is this, impulse shopping might happen on black Friday when the mob pours into your local Best Buy or on cyber Monday but online impulse shopping is not what it once was.

Here are some ways to reverse the loss of impulse shopping and create an impulse purchase:

Strengthen the Brand

Brand building is one of the most efficient ways to increase activity on a website. You don’t know how many times I visit a website and the lack of branding is so visible that it just makes me want to navigate to the next page in the search query. People like brands, they like to be part of them, they like to hear your story so if you have one showcase it. Sure branding takes time and patience but so does building a successful business during a challenging time.

Redesign the Site

Poor design & development can really put a damper on website activity for someone who is first landing on an internal web page. If you want that visitor to come back and read your blog and learn more about what you have to say your design & development needs to be clean and uncluttered.

Optimize Your Business Message

When a visitor lands on your website that specific web page they bumped into has only a few seconds to grab their full attention. If it doesn’t and they leave the chances of them coming back are slim to none. What ever the goal of that particular page is the business messaging needs to be clear and concise if you want to hold that visitor on the page long enough for them to even consider making a purchase or inquiry. Optimize your business messaging and also your page flow to lead the visitor down the desired path.

Create Ways To Hold The Visitor

Aside from having great copy things like visible blog posts, Facebook fan pages, good internal linking and professional product images will help hold onto that website visitor. Give them something to read or look at if you want them to stick around for longer than 3-5 seconds.

Showcase A Video

Whether you have an eCommerce website or just a service put together a nice video and slap it on your pages. They can be individual custom videos or just one but it might give a reason for a visitor to change that 3-5 seconds to 1-2 minutes if the video is done correctly. I don’t know why more companies don’t offer product videos on eCommerce sites to show case a product. It doesn’t have to be long, 15-20 seconds will do. Oh well that is a whole other blog post topic.

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