New Flow Visualization Diagram in Google Analytics is Awesome

Google Visualization Data Flow

If you haven’t had a moment to take a look at the new Visitor Flow section in your Google analytics account take a moment and take a look at it. Google has recently released a new feature that shows you the flow of traffic through your website utilizing visual tools, awesome. You can see how a visitor enters and how the interact with your website directly which can bring a boat load of value when trying to determine website efficiency.

From Google:

“So we are releasing “Flow Visualization” in Google Analytics, a tool that allows you to analyse site insights graphically, and instantly understand how visitors flow across pages on your site. Starting this week, “Visitors Flow” and “Goal Flow” will be rolling out to all accounts. Other types of visualisers will be coming to Google Analytics in the coming few months, but in the meantime, here’s what you can expect from this initial release.”

The new visitor flow visualization tool in Google Analytics allows you to see the point of entry of a visitor and how they navigate through your website.

Google Visitor Flow Screen Shots

Google Visitor Flow



Google Visitor Flow

Google Visitor Flow


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