The Marriage of Social Influence and Shopping

Online Influence

Online influence is a very powerful force and when you got it, boy you got it. Influence online is probably one of the more important goals for a business looking to really tackle the social media space. Being influential online means your business voice can carry a great deal of weight. High profile bloggers tend to have a lot of online influence because people who follow them really take to heart what they have to say. The same goes with brands that have a following. One prime example of online influence is Apple. Now I understand that not everyone can be like Apple which is one of the world’s most powerful brands but their approach can be studied in order to understand how their¬†influence¬†and power has worked for them over the years.

The folks over at M Booth & Beyond have put together this great infographic to better understand the behaviors of social shopping and how influence plays a strong role in those purchases. Social shopping is something that has changed the way business is conducted and for those who still think social media is a fad, you have missed the boat.

Social Sharing Infographic

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