Twitter Helps The Homeless [success video]

Underheard in New York

I find it crazy that there are still social media marketing skeptics bouncing around the business world. In this recent Twitter video Twitter showcases the raw power and potential that these social networks can achieve when just given a solid chance. Twitter recently connected with homeless individuals in NYC in order to help them reconnect with theirĀ familiesĀ and loved ones. They call it Underheard in New York.

Daniel Morales was given a cell phone and a Twitter account and after understanding how to use them both he was able to reconnect with his daughter. I think too many people still write off the power that social media holds. It is important to understand how to approach it before coming to the conclusion that it simply doesn’t work.

Twitter Success Video

2 responses to “Twitter Helps The Homeless [success video]”

  1. Terri says:

    I love ths story….not to knock twitter, but through the power of squidoo, and then facebook., I found out I had 5 more siblings on my biological father’s side. I had wondered my entire life about the other half of my lineage, and just before my 50th birthday, I was contacted by a niece. She has been very open and helpful in trying to connect me with my siblings….I’m in Canada, they in the United States, but its still a small world.


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