6 Ways to Build Your Google+ Page Engagement

Google Plus Tips

Google+ is all the rage right now but will it last long term? That is a damn good question that nobody can really answer but from what we have seen up until this point is that I think Google finally figured it out. Google+ has been building in numbers in a very great way during a relatively short period of time and if there was ever another entity on this planet that “could” give Facebook a run for their money it was Google.

Google+ is now another important area to have some sort of brand coverage almost on a daily basis. Will your page build as much steam as your Facebook page? Not right away unless you are a large brand but there are a number of ways to build engagement on your Google+ page to get some traction going. You have to start at some point. The nature of the web space is that it is very dynamic and you have to be willing to roll with the punches in order to grow.

Just Build One First

For many I think the first part is to just build it and get it indexed in search. No more wasting time just build it first and see what happens. Depending on how strong your brand loyalty is right now it could potentially start filling up with members immediately. Building it doesn’t take much time so just hop on the computer and do it.

Just in case you are a business go hereĀ

Google+ Badges

If you own a blog or a website which I’m sure you do you are going to have give your audience a way to become a member of your Google+ page. Google+ badges do just that for your online audience. Slap one on your blog or your website and give your audience the ability to join you and your fans. If you don’t you can’t expect that bad boy to fill up with fans now can you?

Share It!

Start sharing it everywhere you can. Let your Twitter fans know, let your Facebook fan page know, drop it in your newsletter, let the whole world know about your Google+ page.

Use It

If you have a blog or you have links to articles or press releases start using your Google+ page. Recently Google made a new change to their search engine where your activity is going to be a big deal when it comes to search engine results for yourself and also your fans. Just start using it regardless of how many people put your business in their circle (circle is what Google is calling it).

Optimize Your Google+ Page

If you want your fans to start using your page you are going to have to optimize your Google+ page. Fill in the about section, identify all your important links, get your business address correct and upload enough good images so they fill in the image space at the top of the page. Make it look appealing and don’t half ass it.

Start a Hangout

Start a hangout on your page for your loyal fans that might want to hear from you.

What is a Google+ hangout?

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