How to Spot an SEO Douche Bag Video Series | Part 1

How to Spot an SEO Douche Bag

We have decided to put together a little video series called How to Spot an SEO┬áDouche┬áBag. This video series is not intended to offend anyone who acts as a professional in the search marketing industry but rather more so to expose the shotty “marketing” practices certain SEO companies or individuals use to prey on other companies and individuals who might not be so keen to pick up the signals of some of the worthless individuals in our industry.

Hey you might watch this and even call us a bunch of dough bags but the reality is that if you do you probably perform the same activities we will be talking about in this little video series, plus we don’t care.

Not really sure how many we plan on putting out but it will certainly be a handful and we will be pouring on a great deal of personality into our videos along with the cold hard truth on what to look out for when shopping for outsourced professional SEO services. Some might find these videos funny, some horrendous but at the end of the day you need to protect yourself from the predators out there and stop being the prey.

How to Spot an SEO Douche Bag Video Series | Part 1

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  1. Well Said about the email marketing from other unknown agencies quoting for SEO

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