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Yes mobile apps are exciting, super exciting actually! But the reality is there are a lot of them and there are many more coming down the pipeline. Mobile apps are exactly where websites where in the mid 90’s, exploding. It is important to realize that they are growing fast and just launching an app these days might not be enough to get it into the hands of your entire audience which could just be everyone. Mobile app marketing can help you build a brand around your app while introducing it to the masses which should be the goal of your launch.

Here are 4 reasons why mobile app marketing is important regardless of what you are offering:

There are lots of mobile apps

Let’s face it; we have hit an app craze that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. There are a tremendous amount of mobile apps being pumped into the system each and every week which is why you need to be able to build awareness to your app. The mobile app industry is not about to slow down and you need to build some inbound marketing efforts to attract attention to your app.

Not everything goes viral

Not everything goes viral. Trust me we would all love to launch something that the masses pick up immediately and spread like wildfire but it just doesn’t work that way. Some companies and developers get lucky and launch an app that becomes and instant hit but for most of us we are not so lucky and have to really work at showcasing our mobile apps.

Your app is a business

Not every business has a monetary exchange which is why you need to treat your mobile app like a business. Even if your mobile application is free the goal of the app is to get people to download it, right? It doesn’t matter what the download is the process is the same as owning a business. You have a group of people you want to grab their attention; you need them to download your application so you are going to have to market your mobile app as if it was a business.

Treat it like a brand

The truth is people like brands, especially brands that come with some sort of a story on how they became what it is that they are. Launching an app is great but if you can build a brand around that app it is going to have much further reach. Look at Angry Birds? They took that app and built an immense brand around it and they could have just left it as an app but the team took it to the next level.

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