Social Media Marketing Is not Time Sucker, Try These Tips

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My update is retweeted by a big brand. Congo, you are now a social media analyst.
Um, not that easy right if you know what social media marketing is actually, not the usual mumbo jumbo kinda thing. Real social media marketing takes freakishly long time and it can drain you of all your energies. Moreover, there are the distractions that can maim your marketing campaign to a great extent. Your mind just like our cursors will start moving from one social media website to another with the speed of light as soon as we login to the world of Facebook, Twitter and all that. Eventually, this will suck a great amount of time and energy and the overall productivity will come under severe strain.

But thank your lucky star, we have finally found some ways that can make social media marketing less time sucking. Wondering how this can be done, here is how:

Create Repository of Updates

Social media marketing depends heavily on content. But that does not mean that you will go on churning boring content. Nope this will not serve any purpose. So, if you are assigned with the task of updating your company’s Twitter profile every hour during the business day, what you are supposed to do. Would you score the internet every hour to find out something share worthy? Believe me, this can take up a ridiculous amount of time that you cannot even imagine. Rather than wasting your time in doing such silly things, why not find the content in advance and then create a repository of them.

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You can create an Excel file as shown above and this will take off all the pressure from you that usually cause “Monday Blues”. With this kind of template in hand, you will have the peace of mind that updates for the next few hours are available at your disposal.

Maintain a Checklist

If you are managing social media accounts of different clients at the same time, it is overwhelmingly difficult to manage the posts and other things that you are supposed to promote via their accounts. Please do not wait for the hours when you find that you have been promoting client A via the account of Client B. That would be highly embarrassing and I hope your boss will not be pleased at all. So, it is good to have an excel sheet like this:

[table id=16 /]

Collaborate OnlineThis kind of template will save your skin in innumerable ways. It gives you access to all the details you need to promote. And do not forget about the keeping the expiration date because it may happen that you are promoting an offer which is no longer available.

It can happen that three people are managing a client’s social media campaign at the same time. Now if there is no collaboration among them, a mess is just waiting for you round the corner. For say, all of three can share the same info at the same time or sharing three different perspectives of the same event at the same time. Now imagine the confusion it will beget. By using some collaborative tools like Google Docs, my favorite, you can reduce the chances of messing up social media campaign to a great extent.

Google Docs lets you define the roles of other contributors. You can give them full access or can give the view only access depending on the requirements of the projects.

Auto Publish Your Posts

If all the updates are ready, you can automate the whole process and then cool your heels at home. Though there are some hidden dangers of auto-publish things in social media, its advantages outweigh it. HootSuite is one such tool that lets you set updates easily and gives you all the details how the updates fair well with the targeted audience. A great tool that you should be using.

Monitoring Social Media Presence

It takes more than hard work to monitor social media presence. However, with some cool tools you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you are supposed to invest in this job. Use Google Alert with your company name or other phrases that people use to search to find your company. All you got to do is to open the updates that Google will be sending directly to your Inbox and find out if it contains anything that is disturbing for the reputation of your company.

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2 responses to “Social Media Marketing Is not Time Sucker, Try These Tips”

  1. Excellent post, I have been looking into ways of streamlining my Social Media interactions.

  2. Excellent post, I have been looking into ways of streamlining my Social Media interactions.

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