Considering Digital Marketing? Here’s a 30-Second CEO’s Guide

30 Second Guide

Digital marketing refers to marketing via electronic devices like smartphones, PCs and tablets, and for this, your business needs an effective website. Since your website is where most people will first learn about you, make sure your first impression is positive and supports your brand. Increasingly, many first impressions come via smart phones or tablets, so make sure that your website is mobile-optimized to allow for smaller screens.

6 Seconds – Don’t forget content

All business websites need solid content. Content marketing strategies cover the text on your website, as well as blogs, videos, white papers and other information about your products or services. As with your website, make sure that your content presents a consistent and positive brand impression. Well-done content marketing pays off, so outsourcing to a professional often makes sense.

6 Seconds – Conversions are key

Even if your site doesn’t support e-commerce make sure that you have a good understanding of where visitors go on your site. Your ability to convert them into customers depends on clearly understanding their behavior, so collect data on page visits, especially any requests for sales follow-up, and experiment with different approaches if necessary.

6 Seconds – External marketing

Once your content is ready, consider how to get it in front of potential customers. Approaches range from broad distribution like social media or the PRNewswire to a more secure process like restricting white-paper downloads to prospects who first supply their contact information. Many businesses find distributing regular newsletters via email to be effective, if you can vary your content enough to keep it interesting.

6 Seconds – SEO, SEO and more SEO

The best-known method for getting in front of prospects is ranking high enough in the results page of a search engine query. There are two different ways to do this, paid and native. You can pay to have your company featured. Alternately, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists can enhance your ranking in native search.

6 Seconds – It’s all about location

If your location is important in your business, consider localized marketing. Both Google Adwords and Bing Search allow for targeting local results. They can also locate your business on a map. Avoid coupon promotions like Groupon and Amazon Local Deals for now. Many businesses feel they deliver bargain hunters but few steady new customers.

The good news for CEOs considering digital marketing is that you can learn from nearly two decades of best practices. Remember, however, that the digital marketing landscape shifts constantly., and today’s best practice may be a waste of your money in a few years.

This has been a post from guest author Zilko Ravi, who is a member of the team at The CEO Magazine. Zilko enjoys playing golf, following the lives of entrepreneurs and aspires to be a CEO himself one day.

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