Tips for Finding Clients Using Google Plus

Google Plus Tips

Google Plus is no less than a huge success with its 100 million active users in just a short amount of time. This is an information network that caters to people who want to share as well as follow interests. It is not just a social site such as Facebook as it allows you to widen your social circle.

Google knows that every normal person has various relationships ranging from family, friends, work associates and mere acquaintances, hence, it has provided the right tools to separate each one.

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Inviting Traffic Through Google Plus

If you are thinking that you can do without Google Plus for your business, then it’s time to think twice. Google is now fusing its social network into the usual search results, meaning, the game is no longer about keyword ranking anymore. If you want to make good use of Google Plus and drive more traffic to your business, then you need to know a few things –

  • Put up an Exclusive Promotion by using your current marketing tools. Do this by using your blog traffic and then asking your Twitter followers or Facebook fans to look into your promotion. This guarantees inbound traffic so the next step is to…
  • Provide value to your promo so that your audience will keep coming back. You can now utilize YouTube which is integrated with Google Plus and post your marketing videos. If you are into the service industry, you can post video tutorials and teach customers how certain things work. Testimonials regarding your product are also powerful tools that you can use to increase your buyers and to convince the existing ones to stay. You can also record videos of fun and socially-relevant company events.
  • Set up Brainstorm or Focus Groups with your customers. While it can be risky to ask your buyers to provide verbal feedback, this is one of the most effective ways that you can make marketing decisions. Doing it right is the key and Google Plus is there to help you organize such sessions. You can have a video hangout or a written discussion – it’s your choice.
  • Fuse Sharing activities with Sales. This is the reality – you need to generate revenue. To do this, you could come up with commercial updates, blog posts, discussions and uploading images. You can then provide your buyers with offers to produce leads. Keep in mind that people do not want to be sold anything (though they go online searching for things to buy!). First, you need to gain their interest and then their trust. You can do this by giving them something of value. See if you can give away free eBooks, discounts or webinars in order to get email addresses. Place the leads into your sales funnel and then work at keeping a trustworthy relationship with them.
  • Rather than spend time travelling to and from a meeting place, why not go to Google Hangout and create a live conference? Instead of merely exchanging emails, you can now have actual conversations through Google Plus Hangout. With this, you can easily set up video conference with all of your team members or a sales presentation for your potential clients.

For any questions regarding Google Plus, you can always ask their support team for additional information. Brand awareness has never been this easy so it’s high time to establish your company’s place in the business world!

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Sharon Iis a writer for Focusedumbrella. She uses social media as a way to connect with both potential and existing clients.

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