5 Indispensable Social Media Business Tools to Engage Customers

Do you own an online business? Apart from the things that are included in your busy agenda, you need to research on the relevant influencers of the social media.

From them you will be able to learn, connect and utilize the communities and engage in conversation. You need to advocate your brand and through storytelling and the publication of the niche of your knowledge. In order to influence the research and the content, you have to distribute the ideas and the content.

Unless you have fascination to spend your whole day on the social media sites, as they are time consuming, you won’t be thinking for social media tools. So to help you out with social media management and yet save your time we bring the 5 important social media tool to keep your business engaged all the time.

1. exploreB2B

It is difficult to stand up as an expert in today’s world of social 2.0 exploreB2B, which is a publishing platform for the professional. This helps to assert the thought and leadership by scribbling down some exciting articles that gather industry knowledge and connect to the relevant influencers.


Screenshot: exploreB2B

Apart from establishing authority through writing on industry findings, producing the case studies and how-to-articles, that can show the message embedded about your company. You will able to produce the effect of the branding of your company. If people on the web find your content helpful and offers endorsement, you will able to earn the “expert” badge.

Do you know the article themselves are able to gain traffic on this platform and serves as a mouthpiece for various social media networks. (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora)

2. ScoopIt

If you think just to distribute the content throughout the web, being the leader in your industry, then it is simply not going to drive traffic. You also have to find ways to curate contents in a way that is able to reflect the depth of your interest on the particular niche.
If you are a valuable resource for others that do not mean you are going to promote only your ideas. However, if you share the insight of other people who have influenced you, then your content suddenly creates much more impact.


ScoopIt is one such platform that helps you to curate the articles from all the online resources and categorize them according to the niches they deal in. As content creation is spreading like wildfire, so you should grow the ability to curate the best materials, to prove your expertise and to enhance the industry reputation.

3. Topsy

For every domain, identifying the relevant influencers and the topic of discussion is essential to make out the industry authority and the power. Topsy is actually an app that helps to locate the influencers with the use of proper keywords, company name, person, as well as the category.


You can check out the degree or extent, by which a person is influenced by keyword and accesses the things written on Twitter, Google+ and other online portals. You will be able to view the things that are published about these influencers, and check out their online conversations, to know their independent thoughts. All the information is coded in a user-friendly way to make it effective for the speedy researcher.

4. TweetDeck

If you thought to invest in the Twitter engagement, then you have to speculate a way to monitor the interaction. Respond to the people, who have engaged with you in the conversation, re-tweet the influencers who used to post useful information and answer directly with the use of TweetDeck.



Screenshot: TweetDeck

It offers clean usability and saves your precious time. You do not need to spend hours on the Twitter. TweetDeck can manage the important messages and updates that make your interaction constructive.

5. Buffer

A social business automation tool that helps to take time spent ensures that you have enough content spreading throughout Twitter, to a minimal time investment. You have to fill in the buffer queue with links, pictures, comments, quotes and set the time in which you want your content to get a share in Twitter, Facebook or both at the same time. Buffer is able to provide you with shortened particularly for the 140 characters of Tweet. It gives a clear sense of the “social language that sounds similar.


Screenshot: Buffer

Just Engage With The Powerful Tools Now!

Social media tools that you have noticed here, if wisely chosen, then helps to communicate automatically and maximize the social media influence.

People, you need to think in terms of both money and time!

Author’s Bio

Amy Watson keeps her small business engaged in every social media platform through the following social media tools. She works with United States call centers to let them know the right social media platform to drive more customers and engage in conversation make the potential customers feel their importance.

6 responses to “5 Indispensable Social Media Business Tools to Engage Customers”

  1. EXCELLENT list! (I was missing only one but, I’m checking it out, now…)

    • Amy Watson says:

      Thanks Vincent. Hope you have tried that missing one. How’s your experience?Please share with us.

  2. EXCELLENT list! (I was missing only one but, I’m checking it out, now…)

    • Amy Watson says:

      Thanks Vincent. Hope you have tried that missing one. How’s your experience?Please share with us.

  3. Ian Cleary says:

    Thanks for the reminder for exploreb2b, looks interesting.

  4. Ian Cleary says:

    Thanks for the reminder for exploreb2b, looks interesting.

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