Building Relationships and Getting Social: 5 tips to Engage your Followers

Engage Followers


Social media marketing is becoming more essential to an overall marketing plan, but how do you set your company apart and truly engage your followers? Read on for tips on how to build relationships with great social media content.


Competitor content


While this may seem like a major marketing no-no, sharing competitor content can actually be a great way to position your product and brand within your industry. It communicates to your customers your true passion for the industry and shows that your company cares about getting their followers the information that they crave, no matter what the source. Trying to protect your brand from rival content on a fast-paced, interactive platform like Twitter will make your brand come across as old-fashioned and turn off potential customers more interested in the latest trends than staying loyal to a single brand.


If you don’t know, ask


Learning about your customers is as easy as simply asking. Asking a question via Twitter or Facebook will generate lots of opportunities for interaction, plus the responses can inform future content marketing decisions. Be sure to ask with sincerity; customers will notice if you don’t respond to their posts and will be less likely to engage in the future. In other words: if you want to know, ask, but always be ready to respond.




Another great way to get your potential customers engaged is by promoting a contest via social media. Successful contests are easy for you to administer and encourage your followers to share content related to your product and spread the message of your brand. Make sure the rules are clear, easy to follow and don’t violate any guidelines of the platform, and be sure the prize you offer is exciting enough to engage interest. Consider asking your followers to post pictures of themselves with your product or see how many “likes” they can get on updates related to your product. These initiatives can be fun and more organic than sponsored posts, which savvy social media surfers are beginning to distrust.


Mix up your media


Crafting great copy to share via status updates and Twitter is one surefire way to capture customer attention, but it’s not the only way. Publishing images and videos brings a greater variety to your marketing content and can attract more potential customers since visual posts have higher click-through rates. Replace some text-based content with video. This can be done easily with your site’s FAQ page, or a new product announcement. Using short, well-produced videos communicates to your followers that your company is willing to take extra time to create interesting, relevant content.


The art of the tease


Social media marketing is all about drawing customers in and getting them to engage with your company instead of any number of other options populating the Web. By posting short excerpts or quotes from longer blog posts or articles, you can get readers to click away from a busy social media site and into a more targeted content experience. Posting quotes or excerpts is also a chance to generate some controversy or debate on your page, and you can even ask followers to repost with their stance on the issue.

Some see social media as a way to blast people with information about their products, but the only thing that does is alienate potential customers and annoy everyone who comes across the offending account. Social networks will help improve your business, but only if you use them responsibly by connecting with people and showing that you’re human, too. Give people reasons to engage with you and your company and you’ll have their attention, making it much easier to convince them to give you access to their wallets.


About the author

Dawn Altnam lives and works in the Midwest, and she enjoys following the business tech world. After furthering her education, she has spent some time researching her interests and blogging of her discoveries often. Follow her on Twitter! @DawnAltnam

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