Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content for Your Website

SEO Content Writing

If you want to have your content found, it needs to be written in a way that is optimized for search engines. This means focusing on the right keywords, writing content that is good enough to be shared on social media pages and creating content that is unique and evergreen enough to be meaningful now and for years to come.

Using the Right Keywords Matters

If you are starting a new blog, you won’t be seen as an authoritative source. Therefore, it can be difficult to rank if your keywords are too competitive. This will result in your page being indexed on page 25 of the search results. In other words, no one is going to find your blog or website. Therefore, you have to find keywords that are aren’t as competitive to ensure that you rank as high as possible.

Why Would A Reader Share This Post?

You need to give the reader incentive to share your content with his or her friends. If your content is shared by thousands of people, the search engines will take notice. Your post will get a lot of good backlinks that will raise the profile of your site as a whole. Therefore, you need to write something that will provide value or prove interesting to your readers as a way to improve the SEO value of your site.

Get People Talking on Your Page

Another good way to improve the SEO value of your page is to create a comments section after every blog post that you create. These comments will be indexed by the search engines and serve as a beacon telling the search engine crawlers that your page deserves to be looked at as interesting and worth visiting. Adding a comments section to your page can also lower your bounce rate, which further makes your site look like a winner.

What Is Unique Content?

Lastly, you need to be sure that your content is as unique as possible. This is because Google will penalize your site if you have duplicate content. Duplicate content is any content that has been posted on your site already or on another site elsewhere online. Even if you create the duplicate content, your site will still be penalized. Therefore, you need to create new content on a regular basis to ensure that your site will be ranked as high as possible.

Focusing on these areas will allow you to write content for your website that your readers will like to read. It should be evergreen enough to be valuable in the future while being specific enough to provide value to the reader now. Overall, the key to writing good content is to write something that the search engine spiders and your human readers will both find interesting.

Author Bio

Jared is a member of the SEO team at Search Factory – an online marketing agency located in Brisbane, Australia. He believes that content is king and places a large emphasis on creating compelling onsite copy that converts for his clients.

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