How to Benefit from Twitter’s Vine App

Vine Twitter App


Twitter is undoubtedly one of the biggest online social media platforms and it can be a pretty powerful business tool if used correctly. In January, Twitter announced the launch of their new Vine app, a very useful tool that allows you to create and share short looping videos. This app has quickly become very popular, reporting a staggering 5 Vine tweets every second.

It’s not only video enthusiasts that are using Vine, it is now a popular business tool as brands are using social video as part of their online marketing strategy. Many brands have join in, including Dove, GAP and General Electric. Although six seconds doesn’t seem like much time to make a statement, but it has the benefit of attracting an audience specifically because they know they won’t have to sit through a long video presentation. This is one of the best advantages of Vine.



How Brands can Use Vine


Businesses know that this short video can be a complete ad, much like a short Tweet can be. They can communicate their message to their audience in a creative way, and attract more attention than traditional advertising methods, which is ideal for an online audience. Videos that are tweeted from the Vine app will appear as expanded tweets and they will play automatically. Here are a few tips on how you can use Vine to expand your marketing strategy:

  • Share a spontaneous moment. These videos are ideal to share a great moment with customers or something funny that happened in your offices or with one of your colleagues. This will give your audience a good insight into your business, your environment, and your environment in general.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags are one of the best ways to track a conversation and keep track of what people are saying about your brand. This is a good idea to use with your tweets and videos, so that you can determine your audience reach.
  • Provide sharable content. It’s important to give your audience something to share, so that they can help spread the word on your products or services. And a clever video clip from Vine is just the way to do that.
  • Promote in real time. With so many people flocking to Twitter to find news and trending topics, you can create videos and share them immediately with your audience. Instead of planning a series of tweets, you can create a series of short videos and share that with your audience.

Content creators are starting to use Vine as a powerful tool to distribute branded content for their own businesses, or their customers. With the popularity of Vine growing every day, it is a tool that should be used in every online marketing strategy. Vine can be used to submit and share content that can easily become viral and create a buzz around a particular product or service.

Vine is the perfect way for brands to share content and expand their marketing efforts, as Twitter is already a very powerful platform to use. It is estimated that branded content is fast becoming a popular trend and 4% of the top tracked Vines are using branded content. This is a great way for you to expand your audience, build your brand, and create sharable content for your audience.

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