8 Useful SEO Tools for SEO Newbies

8 SEO Tools

Being a newbie in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does not mean you have to be drowned in the complexity of the subject. A lot of beginners might seem to find it a little confusing to work on this when there are a lot of misinformation seen online, making it hard to tell which one will really work on their websites. But as perplexing SEO can be, there are fundamentals that are quite simple to understand and with the right SEO tools, even a newbie can never go wrong. There are several free SEO tools available online that beginners could use while still perfecting their expertise in search engine optimization. You might be surprised that these quality tools are given out by SEO professionals for free. Here are the lists of free SEO tools for newbies:

  1. Google Analytics – a service offered by none other than Google which provides in depth figures or statistics about conversions, contents, audience and traffic sources. The basic service is for free while a fee is required for the premium version. Even professionals in the field of SEO use this tool and it is the most extensively used website statistics service.

  2. Google Webmaster Toolsby the name itself, it is by far a useful tool for webmasters which allows users to monitor their website’s indexing status, sitemaps, keyword clicks and list of links for their website. This tool by Google helps you determine keywords to aim at with SEO campaigns.

  3. AdWords Keyword Tool yet another useful tool from Google, this one is used primarily for creating search advertising to increase visibility among search engine results. It shows global and local monthly searches and lets you know of your competition. Filtering your results is easy by country, category, device and language.

  4. Open Site Explorer if you want something that allows you to verify backlinks from a website then this is the right tool for you. No bothersome pop-ups, simple and it gives you list of webpages associating to your domain. Information can be filtered by Top Pages, Anchor Text and Linking Domains.

  5. SEO by Yoast this is an all in one downloadable SEO plugin solution that can be installed on a website. It helps optimize every webpage and helps your focus on improving the content of your website.

  6. PageRank Status this is another great tool to find trustworthy link structure opportunities. A downloadable free browser extension to help see PageRank for webpage or website you visit and show how a website ranks on Google. Just click on the plugin to see site and page info, page speed and SEO stats.

  7. Bing Webmaster Tools is more importantly similar with Google Webmaster Tools but of course it is used with Bing. Ranking as number three search engine, it is wise to use this tool to attract more people to visit your website. Although this tool has some features different from that of Google Webmaster, it still provides the equivalent purpose of giving you awareness for links, indexing and most importantly number of clicks.

  8. SEOQuakeanother plug-in extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox. It aims to help webmasters deal with SEO and promotion of web sites. It is functional for evaluating the effectiveness and competitiveness of SEO efforts.

The following lists are just some of the free tools users will see online to get started with search engine optimization. Once you are equipped with the right tools as mentioned above, even a novice is on its way to being an expert in increasing the ranking or position of their website among Search Engines with the use of keywords desired.

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