Harnessing the Power of Twitter for Your Brand

Twitter Marketing & Branding


Twitter has cemented itself as an important business tool for marketing, customer service and brand building. The 140-characters-per-Tweet platform has unprecedented versatility for businesses, especially considering most of the important business functions are free.


Businesses large and small are using this outlet to build their brands and connect with potential customers. From Lowe’s instructive Vine series to JetBlue’s proactive connection to disgruntled customers, Twitter is helping businesses show their stuff in a whole new way.


Customer Interaction

Twitter has developed a relaxed culture that enables businesses and organizations to reveal more personality than traditional marketing outlets. Twitter is an always-on, real-time outlet, so businesses can use a portion of their tweets for agenda-free customer interaction. Whether it’s a contest, question or simple hello, Twitter gives users a chance to connect on a personal level. Once they do, they’ll be more likely to use a business’s products and services. named Whole Foods the top brand on Twitter because of its friendly, active presence. Whole Foods senior social program manager Natanya Anderson appreciates Twitter’s interactive spirit. When asked her favorite part of her job, Anderson responded: “The ability to connect one-on-one with customers every day, many times a day.” Consumers appreciate this personal connection, too.


Check out Twitter conversations.



Businesses and organizations are always looking for efficient ways to spread the word about their latest updates. Twitter’s word-of-mouth model makes it the perfect engine to earn free marketing. The more followers you have, the more likely any particular tweet is to get retweeted. If your followers appreciate your Tweets, they’ll follow you too. The ultimate result is a wide network getting up-to-the-minute info on your business.


Clothing retailer Gap often posts links of its new or popular products on Twitter. Not only does Gap’s brand grow when users retweet this content, Gap also has a chance to make a sale. The link follow to its online store.


Our best performance pants just got better! Explore the new fit, fabric and feel of #GapFit:

— Gap (@Gap) January 5, 2014

Customer Service

Social media gives businesses direct access to consumers, but communication goes both ways. With Twitter and other social media outlets, disgruntled customers have a public platform to voice their complaints. Savvy businesses respond to these concerns in public. You’ll retain customers, and onlookers will see that you care about customers service. It’s a win-win. Airline Jet Blue is notorious for strong Twitter customer service, assisting users with updates and apologizing when things go wrong.


@Jessica_SmmithhSorry about the delay Jessica, we understand how difficult they can be. Is she in touch with our Airport crewmembers?

— JetBlue Airways (@JetBlue) December 15, 2013

Providing Resources

Twitter is filled with mindless information and spam content, so businesses that provide real value stick out. Post a link to your blog post, offer a tip relevant to your industry or provide a discount code on your website. You’ll gain followers and build your brand reputation. Digital agency iAcquire produces its own blog content, but it often uses its Twitter stream to provide followers with links to pertinent industry information. Home improvement retailer Lowe’s uses Twitter’s Vine app to provide six-second repair tips with its #Lowesfixinsix series. In the post below, Lowe’s teaches you how organize ribbon with a common household item. These tips are clever and simple — the perfect combination for Twitter.


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