How to Multiply yourself with Video Marketing



Video Marketing is the only way to multiply yourself.


Did you remember the 1996 movie called “Multiplicity?” In this movie Michael Keaton plays the role of a busy businesses man, husband and friend.


He finds that he can’t keep up with all of the demands of these roles and so he clones himself. In business we wish that we could find ways to be everywhere, all the time.


Video Marketing is the solution.

By producing one or a series of corporate videos you can be sprucing your message 24/7. So, while you’re sleeping or on the golf course, someone, somewhere can be experiencing “meeting” with you.


Okay, watching a video of you is not quite the same as a one to one meeting, but it is the second best option. There is no other marketing tool that allows the prospective customer to feel as though they are really sitting in the same room as you. Great marketing needs great copy, and professional images. Streets ahead of both of these is succinct, professional video.


What type of businesses benefit from corporate video production:


Service Providers

Do you have a service based business? Do your clients choose you based on your expertise, qualifications and experience?


There is no better way to demonstrate these qualities than a brief video.


Here is an example of ours:



Furthermore, your clients will make their final decision on working with you, not just because of your qualifications, but because they feel they “Know, Like and Trust” you.  These are the irrefutable characteristics required for people to do business with people.


Video allows you to engage with prospective customers when they are in buying or research mode, even though you may be asleep!


Product Videos

Does your company sell a product? Do you sell your product online? Cisco Research has shown that people who view a product video are 64% more likely to purchase than if there is not video.


Harvey Normal ran a split test on a landing page with our product video and also ran a test landing page without our video. The results? The number of sales on the page with the video was double the number of sales on the page without the video. Needless to say the online marketing campaign was launched and run completely and successfully with the product video.


Corporate Video builds trust

Video builds trust and engages your audience on your website for a greater amount of time. The net result is that your potential clients move rapidly along the spectrum from stranger to client. Being everywhere all the time. Video is the marketing tool which will allow you to duplicate yourself and therefore duplicate your earnings capacity.


 Your clients and potential clients love video

As with all technology the first companies to embrace the new are called “early adapters”. Very soon however, it won’t be only the early adapters who are using video marketing. Cisco statistics estimate that by 2015 approximately 90% of internet traffic will be video! Massive. Your clients expect you to use video in your marketing, and very soon websites lacking video will be considered “old fashioned”


Visitors to websites with video spend approximately 6 x longer on sites with video. This leaves a fairly obvious clue: your customers love watching video, so intelligent businesses offer videos!


Is it time for you to get into video and trail the results for yourself?


Multimedia content – we aren’t only interested in your words. We’d also like to hear from you if you have videos, photography


Author Bio

Cathy Miller is a multi-award winning writer with broad experience in scriptwriting for video as well as writing for e-learning and training programs.She writes for 1 Minute Media. Cathy began her career in ABC television production, and has an extensive background as a video scriptwriter.

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