How to Bring in Traffic when Keywords Do Not Exist

No Keywords


Many website owners are under the impression that all that is required in order to attract website traffic is to use niche-appropriate keywords. This is not always an effective practice though, as some niches are either extremely competitive or there simply aren’t any appropriate keywords and phrases that can be used. However, there are a few other ways to attract organic traffic to your website.


Create Valuable and Compelling Site Content


Regardless of whether niche-related keywords exist or not, creating content that is valuable and provides site visitors with answers to questions they may have remains one of the best methods of bringing in organic site traffic. When it comes to creating compelling content, many site owners forget that this process actually begins with the title of the post. Your content can be the most engaging in its niche; however, if you have not created a title that encourages site visitors to want to read on, you are wasting your time. Once the title and content have been created, it is also a good idea to create sub-headers that are just as compelling, as this will keep readers hooked until the last sentence.


Use Social Media for its Intended Purpose


Although social media provides an ideal opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family, it also provides the perfect means to reach out to your website visitors, as millions of people log into these platforms each day. When using social media accounts to attract organic traffic, it is essential to engage with your audience regularly, as this will ensure that they remain interested enough to return and in turn promote your content to their social media contacts. It is also recommended that you join Facebook groups or other related social networking communities, as this will also enable you to share content with as many potential people as possible who could become site visitors.


Build a Mailing List


Although it may take a long time to build a mailing list of a decent size, this is well worthwhile if you want to attract more website traffic. Each time you would like to boost traffic levels, all you will need to do is send an email to each of the contacts on your list. This will not only raise site traffic levels; it will also increase sales of any products that you are promoting substantially. To build a successful list, you will need to provide site visitors with tempting offers or freebies, a decent opt-in or squeeze page that will help you collect email addresses legitimately and an email service like AWeber or MailChimp that will enable you to send out large batches of mails to your subscribers.


Don’t Underestimate the Value of Guest Posting


While this is an effective method for attracting site traffic, it is one that requires a lot of time and effort. However, when you link to similar sites in your niche and connect with the blog owners, chances are that at least a few of them will be happy to let you guest post for them. I know what you are thinking, didn’t Google drop the hammer on guest posts? It did…sort of. Being a contributing writer on like-minded industry websites will always be a good thing. If you offer lawn care services being a contributor to a site selling baby clothes is not going to work. Keep it relevant. It will also be necessary for you to spend time on other niche-related sites so that you can comment appropriately on the content there, while building a few additional backlinks for your own site at the same time. The more often your name is published with guest posts, the more chance you will stand of attracting visitors from these sites as well.


As you can see, keyword usage is not the only way to attract website traffic. Using a combination of the above mentioned methods will also go a long way towards increasing your site traffic to acceptable levels.

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